Dorsa Brevia

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Drawing of the front of Dorsa Brevia: a recessed door next to a large window with plants.


October Reading

Sunday, October 13th 2019 at 7:00pm

Poetry reading ft. writers from Texas, Portland, and elsewhere. Organized by Robert Torres.


Dorsa Brevia is a small gallery in Portland's Old Town that hosts free art and literary events. Dorsa Brevia also publishes chapbooks. We would love to chat about hosting your event or other creative collaborations.

The name is taken from a real place near the south pole of Mars, a region of cavernous lava tubes much like those found on the slopes of the Cascade volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest.

ESTABLISHED: July 16, 2018

COORDINATES: 625 NW Everett Street #103

MAX. OCCUPANCY: 45 (10 with table deployed)