Dorsa Brevia

Dorsa Brevia is a compact habitat module, gallery, and event space in Portland, Oregon.

625 NW Everett Street #103
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View of the front of Dorsa Brevia: a recessed door next to a large window with plants.

LANDED: July 16, 2018, 10:14AM

COORDINATES: glow.custom.venue

Establish a self-sustaining research station. Explore the possibility of future long-term habitation on the planetary surface.

MAX. OCCUPANCY: 25-30 (10 with table deployed)

ATTENDANT: Piers Rippey

Ethan Poole – Launch logistics
Kayleigh Nelson – Relay & transfer
Josha Crowley – Orbital resupply
Caleb Goertz – Payload technician
Lyla Rowen – Shield engineer
Paul & Helene Rippey – Ground control
SKJ, MDJ, LH&HS, AK, BB, SM – Test pilots