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No Self-Respecting Woman

Katherine D. Morgan

“A poetic manifesto of a woman in all her intelligence, strength, beauty, gluttony, and vulnerability. A woman expressed in complete honesty that takes up ‘every bit of space (she) was destined to exist within.’ With lyrical language and vivid details, Morgan has evoked the varied ways to be a woman, not via the gaze of a man, or frankly, anyone on the outside, but from within. Her wants and desires fill these pages and make me crave more.”
- Jennifer Fliss

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They All Die in the End

Elizabeth Neal

“We should all be so lucky to live inside Elizabeth Neal's head. There is so much going on in there, and lucky for us, she has the writing chops to lay a beautiful, bizarre sliver of it out in this tiny chapbook. With a wry, acerbic voice, a passion for satire, and the oddest of storylines, these short stories will dazzle you with their dark depths ingeniously cloaked in sparkles. More please, Miss Neal.”
- Dianah Hughley

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Kate Jayroe

“Kate Jayroe is a mesmerist of the highest order. Her writing is stunning, so spare and perfect, ugly and beautiful. This is the arrival of a brilliant mind.”
- Kevin Wilson

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